Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Newbie Cook #5: Easy (leftovers) lunches

It's been nearly 10 months since I really start cooking. I can't say that my cooking has improved so much, but I can say that I've tried many recipes! My pinterest is overflowing with recipe pins, and looking at beautiful and mouth watering food photos and recipes on pinterest has become one of my favorite past time.

Anyway, speaking of cooking... I normally cook in the afternoon for dinner, so the meal would be served fresh from the kitchen when my husband comes home from work. For lunch, since I'm eating alone, I want to keep it simple... but I still to this very day don't really like the Dutch way of lunch, which is just a plain sandwich with some kind of smoked meat. I prefer warm food with variety. So the solution is... have leftovers. Cook just a small portion more when cooking for dinner, then I'd have something to be reheated the next day! I do this quite often these days.

So today I wanna show some of my easy (leftovers) lunches, most pictures are from my smartphone and were already published in my instagram.

Fried Rice.

What can I say, I'm Indonesian and I love fried rice :D. Since fried rice is actually better when cooked with cold/day old rice, this is the perfect leftovers lunch that can be thrown together in less than 15 minutes. Just use any available veggie (or frozen veggies) and egg. Can also throw in the leftover chicken or some other protein.


A Japanese variant of fried rice wrapped in omelette, hence the name Omurice. The fried rice can be any variation you like. The trickier part is making the thin omlette and wrapping the rice in it. Surprisingly I managed on the first try. Drizzle with ketchup for a classic Omurice presentation.

 Pasta Salad.

Ah, need I say more? A real no brainer here, only takes like 15 minutes including cooking the pasta.


This particular picture is shawarma pork with mixed greens and garlic sauce in tortilla wrap, also leftovers from previous night's dinner. Easy meal on it's own if you get pre-made wraps and pre-marinated shawarma meat. It can be any other leftover meat though, like grilled chicken or fish, with some greens and any sauce.

"Salmon Nigiri".

Hehehe, these are not your authentic salmon nigiri. I had leftover jasmine rice (not sushi rice) and some smoked salmon fillet (not fresh salmon fillet) in the fridge. So I played around, cut up the salmon fillet, made little rice balls and put together these pretend nigiri!


Gado-gado is a kind of salad typical of West Java, Indonesia. It's really just mixed vegetables with some protein and a generous drizzle of peanut sauce. The typical protein are boiled eggs, tofu and tempeh. Can also add leftover chicken strips. If you like, the dish works nicely with boiled potato or rice. If you don't want to make your own peanut sauce, ready made chicken satay peanut sauce works well too.

A few notes.

I'm a stay at home wife, so "quick cooking" works for me. But I think these easy lunches are applicable for those who works outside home, since you can put them in Bento box! Even better if you can get those insulated Bento bag, or if your office pantry has a microwave.

A simple fresh salad with a drizzle of light dressing can add brightness to leftover meals. If you don't have time to wash and chop, supermarkets usually sells pre-packed mixed vegetables, easy!

So there they are, six easy - leftovers - lunches!

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