Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Newbie Cook #3 : Stir Fry Chicken & Kai Lan

One of the easier meal to put together is a variation Chinese inspired stir fry. As I mentioned in the Newbie Cook #2 post, I do this kind of meal quite often, especially after a visit to the Asian supermarket where I could get some asian vegetables.

So the last time we went there, I got a bag of Kai Lan, also known as Chinese Broccoli. Not exactly cheap, 2.4 Euros for 250 gram. For the same price you can get like 2 - 3 huge bags of chopped Kale in the local supermarket! But, we only go to the asian supermarket once a month anyway, so why not? ;)

The recipe is pretty basic and uses the usual ingredients: garlic, onion, ginger, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil. I followed the recipe and instructions from this video. But I think it's relatively easy to vary it yourself.

Allright, onto cooking!

Let me show you the situation room. Hahaha :D. This is how the kitchen looks like when I'm cooking. I'm not one of those cook that has things all neatly organised while prepping.... I just lay them all out.

Oh, the laptop? Sometimes I'm too lazy to print the recipe, that I'll just have my laptop instead. I guess if you have a tablet it works even better and takes less space! Anyway, I also like a bit of background sounds while I'm cooking, so sometimes I put on some tv series to "hear" and glance at in between cooking. What can I say, I'm a tv series junkie! :P.

Prep, chop, marinate, stir fry

I didn't know that Kai Lan can grow cute flowers! It wasn't all flowery when I bought them, took me by surprise when I got it out of the fridge :). Anyway, prepping was fairly easy. The Kai Lan was coarsly chopped. Chicken was cubed and marinated with soy sauce, sesame oil, a dash of sugar and a bit of corn starch get the flavours really stick. Then everything was stir fried with onion, garlic and ginger (I was lazy so I used powder garlic and onion) and a dash of oyster sauce. Done very quickly!

The Kai Lan was still a bit crunchy, so if you like it softer I'd suggest to blanch or boil them shortly before stir frying.

For a side dish, I made Fried Tahu and Tempe. I'm used to having the best and the tastiest of these soy beans product back in Indonesia. They were so good that you can just fry them without marinating or seasoning and they would taste so good.

The tempe and tahu (tofu) I got at the Asian Supermarket were unfortunately just a shadow of the real deal. Just rather bland. I coated them with prepacked seasoned flour in hope to add a nice flavour to them, but to no avail. K had one bite of tempe and decided he wouldn't even finish it :P.

However, I got some tip from my sister on how to marinate these flat tahu and tempe, and I'll try them next time.

Finally, here's the dish: Stir Fry Chicken & Kai Lan, Fried Tahu & Tempe. We ate them with rice and sprinkled some fried shallots on top for a real Indonesian touch ;).

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  1. I've never heard of Chinese Broccoli, but your stir fry looks fabulous! Thank you so much for linking to Simple Supper Tuesday!

    1. I guess it's not very popular outside Asia :). Thanks for visiting and for hosting the linky party!

  2. I love Chinese food. Looks great. Thanks for sharing with us at In and Out of the Link Up Party.
    Dawn co host

  3. Wow! Another mouth-watering stir fry chicken recipe. Can't get enough of these dishes. I'm gonna cook this for my children when I get home.