Monday, January 28, 2013

New Year, New Life

Hey, it's me!

I've been gone from blogging for so long, and next thing I know it's almost a month into 2013 already! How time flies.

If you notice on the side bar, I've changed my location to Sliedrecht, Netherlands. Yep, I've finally made that big move to Netherlands, right on January 1st! As can be expected, it was a big move, a big change, and so I've been taking things slow in adjusting to the new life. That being said, I'm very happy that K and I are now finally together!! 3.5 years of long distance relationship was more than enough for us!

I've spent this first month mainly at home, getting used to things, dealing with some immigration stuff, slowly learning Dutch (again!), adjusting with the weather (I came in the middle of winter!), and mostly enjoying life as a homemaker.

Me in front of our house. I wore batik blouse!

It is quite a change from working full time in an office to being home all day. It's not bad at all, really :). It's just different. Sometimes I miss working, but I really don't miss the office politics... which happens lot when you work within a government agency :P.

Will I look for a job again? Possibly. But right now I'm honestly feeling not so confident about applying for jobs. The main obstacle for me is still my Dutch. I'm nowhere near fluent, and I think I will have a much better chance once my Dutch is decent enought to engage in real conversations. The other thing is that I want to work close to home and not full time. And one more thing is that I'm not too eager to go back to my ''engineering roots''. Even in the past 2-3 years I'd done very little on the engineering side and more on the organizing and management side. So yeah, I was not exactly a practicing engineer anyway.

But meanwhile, right now I want to just focus on brushing up my Dutch, because I think that will be the key to everything else.

Onto the blogging world. Since I'm mostly staying at home now, I don't expect to have as much  travel photo story as before. I have taken some pictures around my neighborhood though, and I guess that will be the main theme of my photo blogging this year.

My first snow of 2013. I was wearing my batik dress underneath that coat.
Have to say it was not exactly weather proof :P.

My batik project has pretty much ended. I still love batik and I brought a full suitcase of my batik dresses with me, but the cold and windy Netherlands is not exactly batik friendly. Plus buying and sewing batik is way too much trouble here. So while I probably still will wear batik (mostly in summer), I don't think I'll be blogging much about it anymore. It's kinda sad, but that's the way it is now.

However, I've picked up a new interest since I became a fulltime homemaker : cooking!

Before coming here, I barely ever cook at home because my mom is a great cook :P. All my life I've only had to cook daily when I was studying in Delft, and even then I mostly use premade spices, i.e. just throw in the packaged spices and some protein and be done in under 30 minutes :p. But since K and I are now running a household, it's not really ''economic'' to buy take outs or those premade packages... and so I started cooking.

Now, I'm not by any level a good cook, in fact K has always been the better cook between us. But I'm honestly starting to enjoy it a lot, and I've been getting some compliments from K that I'm getting better. So I have this crazy idea of adding a cooking and/or food photo story in this blog this year! Hehehe. Since I mostly copy recipes from the internet, I won't be putting up recipes, but just links to the original recipe site.

So my blog is taking a new form. From traveling photo stories with some batik stuff in the mix, to a more 'domestic' blog. And I think it's okay like that, because this blog has always been a medium for me to share part of my life. So when my life turns to a new direction, it's only natural that the blog changes as well.

New year, new life.

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