Monday, December 17, 2012

Me & My Batik #19: Batik Indramayu

It turns out that taking picture of myself wearing batik everyday was a quite a chore for me. It took quite some time to set up the camera, pose, check the result, and repeat the process until I got a decent picture. That, and taking picture in my room got boring real quick. So yeah, the everyday batik quest is not going that well.

However, last weekend I had a meeting in Bandung (which was pretty much my farewell meeting, hehehe), and a friend of mine took a picture of me. I was posing just for laughs, really, but the picture turned out pretty cute! So I asked for the file, and here it is:

The dress was made from hand drawn batik from Indramayu, the pattern is called Manuk Berunding (convening birds). I've actually put up a picture of a similar fabric in different color before. I copied the design from an online batik shop (guilty!), but the dressmaker put his own twist to it and it became more 'fluffy' than I though it would be. But I like it, it's cute, comfortable and playful.

Since the dress was made with combination of a plain fabric, my dressmaker was able to make a blouse using the scrapes of the batik. So I got 2 for 2! ;).

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  1. waa..kemaren aku pake 2 bahan (1 batik dan 1 polos) untuk 3 kemejaa!! :D

  2. That dress is really cute on you!

    Visiting you from Monday Mingle


  3. Great shot, beautiful print!