Sunday, November 04, 2012

One night in Palu

Earlier this year, I went with a few colleagues to Palu, the capital city of Central Sulawesi, for a short work visit. I was lucky that two of my colleagues whom I went with have a number of relatives in the area, and so let's just say I was taken very good care of. We tried all the signature local food, and visited Palu's most attractive view to date, Ponulele bridge.

Jembatan Ponulele (jembatan = bridge) is the the third of its kind in the world, as the first two was built in Japan and France. No wonder this bridge has become the new icon of Palu. One night when we went out for dinner, I was dropped off in the middle of the bridge where they have a viewing platform, to take some pictures. Being on the bridge was an interesting experience, because whenever there was a big car or truck passed by, the bridge would really shake to the point of feeling like an earthquake. Pretty scary at first!

After taking pictures at the bridge, we went to Talise beach, the favorite hang out place for locals alike. The beach itself doesn't really have sandy beach, and honestly not that attractive during the day. But at night, when the temperature cools down, it's pretty nice to sit by one of the food stalls and have a taste of their local snack: fried banana and have a zip of warm Saraba.

To be frank, Palu is not really high on my 'to go' list, but still I was happy to have been there. It was my first time in Sulawesi, afterall!

PS: This post is dedicated to a dear colleague with whom I went to Palu. He passed away a couple of months ago due to complications with his kidney failure. Opa, you are missed.

Jembatan Palu 4, also known as Jembatan Ponulele.
View of Jembatan Ponulele from Talise beach. Shaky hands + no tripod = blurry pic :$.
Snack and drinks stalls at Talise beach.
Saraba : ginger & milk drink, nice and warm for a windy night,
Pisang goreng (fried banana) served with sambal (chilli dipping sauce), the perfect pairing for Saraba.

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  1. That's a lovely bridge with its twin arches. Terrific night captures!

  2. Thanks! It's a nice one indeed :)

  3. I love the yellow bridge!
    The shot you take as a very beautyful perspective...

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    1. Thanks for hosting the meme :)

  4. Cantik fotonya..